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From:Sergei Golubchik Date:September 8 2004 9:16am
Subject:Re: Bitwise opperators and table_map
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On Sep 07, Katsikaros Vangelis wrote:
> Sergei Golubchik wrote:
> >On Aug 24, Vagelis Katsikaros wrote:
> >
> Item::used_tables returns the tablemap of the tables used by the 
> item.


> join_tab::key_dependent of a table A stores the tables that are 
> joined with A using a primary key.

Any key, I believe - it's set in add_key_field():

        Save the following cases:
        Field op constant
        Field LIKE constant where constant doesn't start with a wildcard
        Field = field2 where field2 is in a different table
        Field op formula
        Field IS NULL
        Field IS NOT NULL
        Field BETWEEN ...
        Field IN ...

> What is stored in join_tab::dependent?

You may see that it's set in make_join_statistics(),
tableB->dependent=tableA, when tableA must be before tableB in the join
order, because of outer join or because of straight join.

> In table::map is stored the ID bit of the table (1,2,4,8,...,), that 
> is, the place of the table in the bit map?


> From what I've seen the key_map (Bitmap<64> Template) is just 
> another bit map with bitwise-related functions built-in.

Yes. In 4.0 it was the same ulong as table_map, but later we wanted to
allow more than 32 keys per table, so I changed key_map to be an
arbitrary-length bitmap. It's 64 bits (ulonglong) by default, but can be
compiled to use larger bitmaps. Eventually we'll change table_map to use
the same template.

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