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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 2 2001 4:15pm
Subject:Re: understanding the source
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>>>>> "Timothy" == Timothy Smith <tim@stripped> writes:


Timothy> In every instance but one, write_row() is called with
table-> record[0].

Timothy> I'm not sure why ha_myisam::write_row() would only update the
Timothy> auto_increment counter if buf == table->record[0].  I suppose it
Timothy> could be an optimization for create_myisam_from_heap(), but that
Timothy> seems unlikely.  Maybe Monty can explain a bit more.

The check is mainly there because the auto_increment update code only
works with record[0].

As we always uses record[0] for write_row, except in,
(where we don't use auto_increment keys), this restriction isn't a

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