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From:Sasha Pachev Date:November 28 2000 2:18pm
Subject:Re: Patches for OS/2 port 3.23.xx
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On Tuesday 28 November 2000 04:25, Yuri Dario wrote:
>Hi Monty,
>>I did also change the thr_alarm functions to take pointers; I also
>>changed thr_alarm.h to be a little more streamlined and I hope I
>that's good.
>>didn't break anything for OS/2 when I did this ;  I would appreciate
>>if you could check out the code in 3.23.29 if I got this right!
>that code is now in the CVS? in that case, I can checkout it before


on how to get our current development source. In fact, I suggest you start 
working from it as it will ensure your patches are always current and will 
make it easier for you to produce diffs.

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