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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 13 2004 1:29am
Subject:Re: SCO OpenServer Updates Documentation.
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At 20:09 -0500 7/12/04, Paul DuBois wrote:
>Boyd, it looks like the defaults are missing?
>(You indicate "here are the defaults" and then immediately
>after that "these are the settings I recommend", which
>presumably are different from the defaults.
>At 18:43 -0600 7/12/04, Boyd Lynn Gerber wrote:
>>By default, the entries in /etc/conf/cf.d/mtune are set to:
>>I recommend setting these values as follows:
>>NOFILES 4096 or 2048
>>MAXUP 2048
>>* This should report "largefiles".
>>** 0x7FFFFFFF represents infinity for these values.
>>  # cd  /etc/conf/bin
>>               # ./idtune  SEMMNS  200

Another question:  The * and ** lines look out of place.  They are
footnotes to material that is not included in the message.  Should
I remove them?

Also, the cd and ./idtune commands aren't connected to any explanatory
text.  Can you clarify what they're about?  Thanks.

Paul DuBois, MySQL Documentation Team
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
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