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From:Kelvin Lam Date:July 13 2004 12:52am
Subject:Fw: mySQL on Win2k using sym
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I am not entirely sure if it's a bug or not.  I only encounter this problem
if my DB server has any number of symbolic-link databases in it.

If I issue any "SHOW DATBASES LIKE" statement to try to check if an database
exist, it will always return >0 if I have a symbolic-link database (a *.sym
file in \mysql\data directory).

Is this a bug?  Is there anyway for mysql to return the correct value?  I
have a "foo.sym" symbolic-link database and I issue (SHOW DATABASES LIKE
"tester";) and it will still return the foo database to me.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

Fw: mySQL on Win2k using symKelvin Lam13 Jul
  • Re: Fw: mySQL on Win2k using symSergei Golubchik13 Sep