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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 17 2001 12:17pm
Subject:Re: ±z¦³¿ì¤½«Ç§Y±Nª
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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Salmon <ms@stripped> writes:

Michael> It sure would be nice if this list were moderated. It's low traffic
Michael> enough where it shouldnt be a big hassle and the ratio of spam:data of
Michael> this list is annoyingly high.

Michael> On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 07:00:22PM +0000, in_2gk1fvcdk5@stripped
> wrote:
>> ======================
> ±z¦³¿ì¤½«Ç§Y±NªÅ¥X¶Ü¡H
>> ======================
> §Ú­Ì±Mªù´£¨Ñ°Ó¥Î¿ì¤½«Ç¤§¯²¸îªA°È¡I

We have a spam filter that 'should' have catched this email.
Sasha could you take a look at this?

The problem with moderation is that you need a person doing the
moderation and we don't have the personal to do this yet :(

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