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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 16 2001 9:04am
Subject:Mysql and OpenSSL
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Allen <paul.l.allen@stripped> writes:

Paul> I notice #ifdef HAVE_OPENSSL statements all over the mysql sources,
Paul> but I don't see any way to set that symbol.  The configure script
Paul> doesn't do it.  If one wants SSL-secured connections, does one manually
Paul> hack the Makefile to get the SSL code compiled in?

The defines is for the upcoming MySQL 4.0 and will not work in 3.23

Tonu, can you update us with the status of the SSL code in 4.0.

Paul> The reason I ask is that I am looking into hacking mysql to require
Paul> client-side certs and use the client's certificate to determine the
Paul> mysql login name.  If anyone wants to comment on the feasibility of
Paul> such an endeavor, please do.


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