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From:Jeremy Cole Date:August 16 2001 2:43am
Subject:Re: Need a custom function
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> I would like to create a mySQL function 'SchoolYear' which gets a date
> and returns the year based on a certain cycle-cut-off date (one other
> than December 31, naturally0)

You should perhaps write this function more generalized, if I understand
what you are aiming for correctly, it could also be used for determining
fiscal years, and other similar things.

> I don't program in C (i do some Perl), but I would like to give it a
> shot, either by:
> 1) adding this function to the source and thus hard-coding it

I would say to go with this option.  As long as you write quality,
generalized code, there is a good chance of it being included in the main

On the technical side of things, I can't comment, but I know one of my
colleagues will answer you there.



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