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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 11 2001 10:16am
Subject:Re: TRUNCATE TABLE table_name
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>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Faber <cfaber@stripped> writes:

Colin> Well,
Colin> In the manual the TRUNCATE TABLE syntax states:
Colin>  `Implemented as a drop and re-create of the table'

This is true for MyISAM and ISAM tables, when you don't have InnoDB
tables enabled.

In 4.0-alpha, TRUNCATE wills do a re-create even if InnoDB is enabled.

I am going look at this by the end of next week.

Colin> If in fact it is the case that's its just running a DELETE FROM tbl;
Colin> with out the WHERE clause that would be the problem with very slow
Colin> actions and would also result in an AUTO_INCREMENT value failing to
Colin> reset.

Colin> I'm using 3.23.39 and 4.0.0

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