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From:Jez Tucker Date:November 22 2000 3:18pm
Subject:Escape characters in type CHAR fields - problem?
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I'm not sure if this is the right list to post to (it's my first mysql list
post) so please bear with me if I'm in the wrong place.

I've been reading the manuals regarding the inclusion of escape characters
in CHAR fields.

E.G. INSERT INTO <table> VALUES('hello\\nhow are you?');

Am I right in thinking that one cannot, at present, insert an escape
character (notice not escaped character) into the field?

Escape char

Code    Base
\\033   Oct
27      Dec
1B      Hex

I.E. INSERT INTO <table> VALUES('hello <ESC CODE> \\nhow are you?`);

I noted in the documentation that you could also insert CTRL-Z codes, though
I saw no escape character for this.  How would one do this?


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Escape characters in type CHAR fields - problem?Jez Tucker22 Nov
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