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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 2 2001 4:32am
Subject:Additions for MySQL Interactive Monitor
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The right list for things like this is internals@stripped.

>>>>> "james" == james  <james@stripped> writes:

james> Hi!
james> I've made a "clear screen" function so users can ... you guessed it ....
james> clear the screen :) when in the monitor. Unfortunately it is only for
james> Windows. I can't compile it and test it without making substantial changes,
james> (I mean I can't compile the monitor, but the code absolutely works) and if I
james> changed it and sent you a diff and you applied the patch, it would bugger up
james> everything so I'm just going to give you the changes here.

I am trying to decide if this function is really useful or not.
At least on unix, you can press '^L' at any time to clear the screen.
I assume this is true also if you are using cygwin ?


james> How do you want me to send future patches to the MySQL Monitor? If they are
james> small like the above I can send you a diff, if so in what type? Context
james> diff, unified diff,

I prefer context diffs but unifed diffs are also ok.

James> Bear in mind however they might be useless, this is
james> because if I make changes for Windows I cannot compile the source "as is"
james> without substantial changes.

Why?  The current source compiles cleanly on both Unix and windows and
it shouldn't be that hard to also do this in the future.


james> By the way, you already use curses in the MySQL Monitor. Do you want me to
james> make some nice cosmetic changes so it prints "Welcome..." (in the start) in
james> colour etc? I can just use curses to make the screen nice and pretty with
james> colours and so on, these parts can be pre-processed out for Windows unless
james> they have a cygwin which can compile curses code.

Instead of working on the 'mysql' client tool, it would be better if
you concentrated more on helping John and Jorge with the mycc client.

james> Bye for now!
james> James

james> PS. May I ask yourself or another developer what the difference is between
james> the table types, and how they work? I need to know the table file formats so
james> I can document them and add them to the "MySQL Internals" part of the
james> manual. Like, how on earth is an index created and what does the file format
james> of an index look like? What do tables look like as a bare file on disk
james> before MySQL imposes structure on them? How does it know the delimiters
james> between fields? It must record them somewhere. Where? How? I want to know.
james> When I understand I want to write about it in the manual for everyone else
james> to learn too. I ask permission so somtime I can write out a substantial list
james> of questions and hand it out for the developers to answer when they can.

I am on vacation now, so I will leave to Sergei to answer the above

Anyway, I don't think most developers needs to know the physical disk
layout for the different table handles;  To do this for MyISAM, BDB,
InnoDB and Gemini would be BIG job and there is more useful things
that needs to be documented, like all files in the strings, mysys,
myisam libraries.

james> Also I have been working with John on MyVCC and have submitted my first 6
james> code fixes!!! (So it will compile on Linux as well as Windows). I am
james> starting to become a contributor!!! Cool! :-D


Additions for MySQL Interactive MonitorMichael Widenius3 Aug