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From:Scott Wiersdorf Date:November 21 2000 6:43pm
Subject:clobbering live tables
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Hello all,

I've been tinkering with mysqlhotcopy lately and was wondering how to
overwrite tables (safely) in a live (remote) database.

Say you have a local (master) database and you want to update a few
tables in a remote database as a batch job. Pretend that master/slave
replication isn't an option.

Do you have to do anything special on the remote server besides
sending (via scp for example) the tables up to the remote database
and then flushing the tables?

What would be the best way to accomplish this? I was thinking of
creating a remote directory, putting the updated tables in that,
renaming the directory to clobber the old one and flushing the tables
via mysqladmin.

Any ideas?


Scott Wiersdorf
clobbering live tablesScott Wiersdorf21 Nov
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