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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 27 2001 10:14pm
Subject:client/mysqlrenamedb.c [WAS]: DB Rename [ again ]
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>>>>> "Emanuel" == Emanuel Dejanu <edejanu@stripped> writes:

Emanuel> Hi,

Emanuel> Because I really need rename db I have made a simple
Emanuel> program from mysqlshow.c that rename a database.
Emanuel> If you do not like the Author comment line from the
Emanuel> program source please remove it, I only want that this
Emanuel> program, if accepted, to appear in the next release of
Emanuel> Mysql 3.23.% (e.q. MySQL 3.23.41).
Emanuel> So please review this program.

Emanuel> Please do not be crude with me this is my first posting on
Emanuel> an open source project.


Thanks for the program!

We have to think about adding this to the standard MySQL distribution;
The problem is that we would rather see that RENAME DATABASE would be
a SQL command instead of a program.

In the mean time, we will add this to the MySQL software portals, so
that other MySQL users that have a need for this can find and use it!

client/mysqlrenamedb.c [WAS]: DB Rename [ again ]Michael Widenius28 Jul