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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 25 2001 2:39pm
Subject:Re: Mysql protocol
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>>>>> "Sinisa" == Sinisa Milivojevic <sinisa@stripped> writes:

Sinisa> Cristian Nicola wrote:


>> 1) at some point we get an error ... is there any way to tell the server to
>> stop sending the rest of the rows?

>> 2) i've seen you use net_clear before sending the next command to the server
>> .. what if we get an error in the middle of receiving of a huge row array?
>> net_clear does not check for the last row .. it just checks if there is any
>> data on receive buffer .. and after sending the query .. will it read the
>> right packet? it seems to me that there is a chance that it won;t...


>> ps: is SSL supported ? and where is VioSSLConnectorFd declared?


Sinisa> You can stop receiving rows at any moment by simply closing a connection 
Sinisa> and re-opening it.

Sinisa> But the above scenario of having an error in the middle of receipt of 
Sinisa> single row is impossible. MySQL protocol has a flow control, and if 
Sinisa> anything like that would happen all future sends would be aborted and an 
Sinisa>  error would be issued on both client and server side.

I think Cristian was thinking about an application error like 'out of
memory'.  Anyway, Sinisa is right; Currently the only options to tell
the server that something went wrong is to either close the connection
or open a new connection and issue a 'kill' on the old connection.

net_clear is just a safety net to clear the connection from any old data.
In theory there should never be any need to call this function but...

In MySQL 4.0 there is already support for SSL;  Tonu can tell us about
the current status of this.


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