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From:Jeremy Cole Date:July 25 2001 8:55pm
Subject:Large Patches coming in the BitKeeper tree
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This should be of interest to any of you using the BitKeeper tree, or
subscribed to mailing lists where BitKeeper commits are posted.

I am currently in a project reorganizing the entire manual, which will
obviously generate some rather large diffs.  I have just now committed my
changes to chapter 1 of the manual, and the unified diff was over 3.5MB.

Just beware, especially dialup users, you may be in for some long
downloads when you run the innocent ``bk pull'' over the next week or so.

Thanks for the support, and everyone should check out the new manual as
it's coming, tell me if I've done anything incredibly dumb. :)



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Large Patches coming in the BitKeeper treeJeremy Cole25 Jul
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