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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 18 2000 3:13pm
Subject:Fw: Show table status
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Sinisa forwarded this to me.

>>>>> "Beotel" == Beotel  <sinisa@stripped> writes:


mordred> Seems like this patch is Ok.
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mordred>  Sent: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 16:07:07 +0100
mordred>  Subject: Show table status

mordred> Hello guys,
mordred> Here's a patch I made, for what it's worth, that adds a C-API function
mordred> for extended table info, similar to mysql_show_tables. This is patched
>> from 3.23.27, but I don't imagine that should make much of a difference.

mordred> I did this because I'm working on an adapter for Zope that needs to
mordred> call
mordred> 'show table status' as part of it's functionality, and it seemed all
mordred> the
mordred> similar commands had API functions. I also patched mysqlshow.c to use
mordred> the API rather than create the SQL directly.

mordred> Please let me know if there is an overall design reason why this
mordred> shouldn't be.

mordred> Thanks.
mordred> Mordred

Sorry, but I can't accept this patch :(

All the API functions like mysql_show_tables() are deprecated and
everyone should use instead use the SQL interface.  This is just so
that we can more easily add more options to the commands in the

Why can't you use show table status like 'xxx' in Zope ?

Fw: Show table statusMichael Widenius18 Nov