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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 18 2001 12:00pm
Subject:Re: Potential MySQL replication bug
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>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Cocking <simon@stripped> writes:


>> What timeout value have we missed?

Simon> I believe Sasha hit the nail on the head -- a separate timer for 
Simon> replication queries, to allow for extremely large data transfer between 
Simon> servers.  Ideally, a replication timer should not be necessary since 
Simon> (bugs notwithstanding :o) replication involves two MySQL *servers*, not 
Simon> one server and an unknown client.  Networking being what it is, 
Simon> though... :o)

We have added a replication timer for slaves in 3.23.40 (default one
hour / packet), which I am building for distribution just now.

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