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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 15 2001 7:52am
Subject:Re: Parallel Databases
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>> I'm writing in  as to how I can contribute in the development in Parallel
>> databasing.  I understand MySQL currently supports replications which is a
>> nice way of keeping live backups of a mysql server, however is hardly the
>> "preferred" method when dealing with load-balancing and redundancy, just
>> because it becomes a burden at application level to manage your selects to
>> load-balance and any update,insert,alter statements to the parent server.

In MySQL 4.0 we will make it very easy for the client to automaticly
send updates to the current master and queries to any of the slaves.
We will provide both automatic handling of this and also provide a way
to force a statement to sent to the master or to a slave.

>> I'm interested in implementing "Parallel" databasing such as the feature
>> found in Oracle.  This would involve (i imagine) some very complex
>> algorithms and some very sophisticated monitor and checking systems however
>> I do have a very heavy c/c++ knowledge.
>> If someone could contact me and update me on the current status of a "true
>> parallel" databasing support in mysql I'd love to hear about any progress
>> made and how I can help.  I tried to subscribe to this mailing list but it
>> seems as if the subscribing system is broken at the moment.  Please reply
>> back to my email address, fyi.
>> Thanks,
>> Trevor F. Linton (trevor@stripped)

We here at MySQL AB don't have any developers that are working on
this.  We regard parallel databases something that will be very
interesting in the future, but for the moment we have to concentrate
on extending the current functionality and the things we have on the
TODO for the MySQL 4.x versions.

If you start working on this and have any questions about the
internals of MySQL, feel free to mail them to internals@stripped

On this mailing list there has been some discussions about parallel
servers in the past;  Please check some of the searchable email
archives that you can find on for this topic.


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