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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 15 2001 7:26am
Subject:question about IDE's
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>>>>> "Dev" == Dev Anand <d0anan01@stripped> writes:

Dev> I know that this is a stupid questiona and probably should not be asked
Dev> on this list, but still.
Dev> Do any of u use ide's like codewarrior, code crusader etc for program
Dev> development?
Dev> are there any favourites.
Dev> dev

You can in the software channel under the MySQL portals at find a list of a lot of different
programs that you can use for MySQL development.

We at MySQL AB and MySQL users are actively adding new programs and
commenting on existing entries, so it's worthwhile to visit the portal
section from time to time to find out what new programs has been

While writing the above, I noticed that we have forgot to add a
'latest additions / latest changes' section to the portals to make it
easy to find out what ha recently been added to the portals. We will
add this ASAP.

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