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From:Michael Widenius Date:November 17 2000 8:14pm
Subject:libmysql for DJGPP
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>>>>> "Edmund" == Edmund Horner <ejrh@stripped> writes:

Edmund> Hi Monty.
Edmund> As a DJGPP user, I have been interested in programs that 
Edmund> make use of the libmysql.a library.  A search of mailing 
Edmund> list archives for both MySQL and DJGPP shows that at least 
Edmund> a few others have also been interested.

Edmund> I have managed to compile libmysql.a using the DJGPP 
Edmund> compiler, and have made a few small programs that use the 
Edmund> library to communicate with a MySQL server via TCP/IP.

Edmund> Unfortunately MySQL is obviously _not_ design for a DOS-
Edmund> like operating system, so it was quite a challenge to do 
Edmund> this in a sensible and professional way.

What exactly do you mean?
A big part of the MYSQL source is known to compile under DOS
(at least the mysys, strings, debug, isam and myisam libraries should
compile without any big problems)

Edmund> Is is at all possible to further segregate the libmysql 
Edmund> sources from the MySQL server?  I am not sure exactly which 
Edmund> files are required simply for compiling the library, as 
Edmund> I've had to work with the entire MySQL source distribution 
Edmund> to get it working.

You can of course also download an older myodbc distribution; These
includes the full copy source for the mysqlclient.lib library as a
separate module.

Which MySQL source distribution did you use?  If you used the windows
source, you should only need to compile the files according to the
libmysql/libmySQL.mak makefile, which shouldn't a very big problem.

Edmund> Anyhow, I just thought I'd let you know what I've been 
Edmund> doing.

libmysql for DJGPPMichael Widenius17 Nov