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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 9 2001 6:36am
Subject:Re: FIX: compile error on Solaris
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>>>>> "Phil" == Phil Dibowitz <webmaster@stripped> writes:

Phil> Russell E Glaue wrote:
>> Ah... someone dares to speak of this headache....
>> The problem is really's packages.
>> You will not receive this error unless you install GNU's binutils. The
>> answer is to get all this GNU tools compiled on the same machine.
>> If you uninstall GNU binutils, and use the packaged solaris ld,  you will
>> notice that the error dissapears. However, MySQL will not completely
>> compile with the Solaris ld binary (it errors out). MySQL needs GNU ld.
>> 3 years ago... you know how many posts to usenets I made until some nice
>> guy out there suggested I recompile all the GNU compilation tools on one
>> machine because does something funky...
>> Before then, community developers always suggested you comment out the
>> test that causes the "cross-compile" error... how tacky.
>> ..,and having /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib set in LD_LIBRARY_PATH does
>> not fix this problem. I've tried that too.
>> If you get the cross-compile error, it is most likely your GNU toools are
>> dirty. You should try a clean compile of them.
>> -RG

Phil> First.... MySQL developers: Should this thread be continued on both these lists?
> I
Phil> don't want to fill your lists in the wrong places... but perhaps you're
> interested in
Phil> the rest of this thread.

This should be in internals@stripped, as we may have to patch
configure for go around this problem,
Please direct all future emails to this list !

Phil> Second... As I (think I) said in my post on the main mysql list, I KNOW that this
> is
Phil> the case with the SUN SFW versions, and I THINK it's the case with
Phil> but as I said and as you're pointing out, the packages are not
> nearly
Phil> as good as the Sun SFW versions. The one's Sun Compiled that come on the Sun
> Freeware
Phil> CD that comes with Solaris 8 (the ones that install in /opt/sfw).... are much
> better
Phil> and have only the short comming that they need LD_LIBRARY_PATH set. Also, if you
> set
Phil> LD_RUN_PATH before you compile as well then the binaries will nt need the root
> user to
Phil> have LD_LIBRARY_PATH set just to start the daemon.

Phil> Hope that helps,
Phil> Phil

Yes;  I have already asked Tim, who maintains the MySQL configure, to
try to fix this properly!

Tim, can you also be kind of to update the MySQL manual about this!

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Phil> Insanity Palace of Metallica
Phil> webmaster@stripped


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