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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 6 2001 4:44pm
Subject:DB Rename [ again ]
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>>>>> "Emanuel" == Emanuel Dejanu <edejanu@stripped> writes:

Emanuel> Users should have for this the right to
Emanuel> that database and also the right to
Emanuel> create databases.

Emanuel> Emanuel Dejanu

Emanuel> P.S. Please CC to me because I am a digest subscriber.

I have added rename database to our TODO, but I think we will delay
this feature until 4.1 to get 4.0 out ASAP.


Emanuel> On Friday, July 06, 2001 11:11 AM, Emanuel Dejanu wrote:
>> It is posible in MySQL 4.0 (or best in 3.23.40) to rename
>> a database with one command ala:
>> RENAME DATABASE mydb TO mydb_old
>> I think that this will be easy to implement for you.
>> Best regards,
>> Emanuel Dejanu
>> P.S. Now I do:
>> cd /path/to/db
>> mv mydb/ mydb_old/
>> But the problem is that some users also need to
>> rename their databases and they come to me :-(.
DB Rename [ again ]Emanuel Dejanu6 Jul
  • DB Rename [ again ]Michael Widenius6 Jul