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From:Benjamin Pflugmann Date:July 4 2001 2:59pm
Subject:Re: idle connections
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On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 04:45:06AM +0300, monty@stripped wrote:
> >>>>> "Benjamin" == Benjamin Pflugmann <philemon@stripped>
> writes:
> Benjamin> Although the original problem has been max_connections beeing to low,
> Benjamin> I thought it would be a nice idea, to automatically kill the most idle
> Benjamin> connection (if there is one), whenever the connection limit is reached
> Benjamin> - and of course complain in the error log about it.
> One problem is with this idea is that if you start getting a lot of
> new connections so that you are constantly starting/releasing
> connections you will run into the same problems as one tries to solve
> with persistent connections in the first place.

Yes, of course. That's why I suggested to complain in the error log -
it's an exception to the "normal" behaviour. I guess it would be a
good idea to specify how long a connection must have been sleeping
before it is allowed to be killed, something like (I know the name is
not the best one)

kill_sleeping_only_after = 60

which would only try to kill the longest sleeping connection, if it
already sleeps more than 60 seconds.

> This could however be an optional behaveour one could set with an
> option.

Optional, of course, but...

In principle I agree with you, that such a behaviour should be
explicitly enabled, on the other hand, I meant it mainly as way for
MySQL to act more reasonable when the configuration is not tuned well
enough, which contradicts the assumption that the user has enabled it



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