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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 27 2001 8:59pm
Subject:Re: rnd_next and rnd_init functions
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>>>>> "Sasha" == Sasha Pachev <sasha@stripped> writes:

Sasha> On Tuesday 26 June 2001 17:40, DAVE THOMAS wrote:
>> Hi, I am working on adding support for DISAM databases to mysql. Does anyone
>> know what the rnd_init(bool scan) function and the rnd_next(byte *buf)
>> functions are for? I have looked at those functions in the myisam code, but
>> I still haven't figured out what the return values should be, and what the
>> functions should accomplish. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Sasha> rnd_init() is called before you start table scan. rnd_next() brings you to 
Sasha> the next record.

Sasha> Monty, who wrote the code and therefore knows it much better than I will be 
Sasha> able to provide more details.

The above is correct.

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