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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 27 2001 3:04pm
Subject:mysql user interface issues
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>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Moore <sober@stripped> writes:

Jason> I've put together a small document that outlines four minor
Jason> inconsistencies with the mysql interface.


Jason> I've also proposed some suggestions for resolving these inconsistencies.
Jason> I am interested in working on patches, but I thought it would be useful
Jason> to get some consensus before any coding that:
Jason>   a) these inconsistencies are problematic
Jason>   b) the suggested solution is the best solution

Jason> Comments welcome.  At the bottom of the document is a link to an online
Jason> discussion area (no registration required) if you would like to make
Jason> your comments public but don't want to clutter the internals list.

I will answer to your comments in this emails.

All the following fixes has been done in MySQL 4.0 tree based on your

Issue 1: Confusion between 'from' and 'in':

Fixed by making FROM equal to TO

Issue 2: Singular vs Plural

Fixed by making SHOW INDEX and SHOW INDEXES synonyms.

Issue 3: Starting and stopping mysql

Fixed by renaming safe_mysqld to mysqld_safe.

I didn't add a shutdown message when starting mysqld_safe, as most
users wouldn't see this.

Issue 4: Specifying the password on the command line

This can't be fixed because the password is an 'optional argument',
not a required one.

The password handling is identical to any gnu program with optional

We do nowadays recommend people to use --password=xxxx, in which case
this problem is not that transparent.

Using -p or --password without an argument has also an useful meaning.

The only option I can think of is to require an argument for
--password and introduce a new option --ask-for-password,
but this would not be backward compatible.


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