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From:sasha Date:November 13 2000 4:53pm
Subject:Re: MyISAM C API
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Bjorn Borud wrote:
> I have been struggling with the MyISAM C API for a while now, trying
> to understand how it works since I am interested in making use of
> MyISAM separately without MySQL,  but so far I can't say that I have
> been very successful.  I've looked at the examples provided with
> MyISAM, but it still isn't clear to me how things work.
> Monty sent me a list of the functions used by the MyISAM interface,
> but I still lack a clear understanding of the data structures that are
> involved.  although the test programs demonstrate use of them, the
> code is very sparingly commented leaving much to be guessed.
> has anyone here worked on the MyISAM interface?  I am getting pretty
> desperate now.  if I'm not able to figure it out soon I'll have to
> abandon MyISAM and go ahead with something else in my project.
> -Bjørn

Have you written any test/sample code at all? If you have, post it, and Monty
will tell you what you are doing wrong. If you have not written anything at all,
write something the best you can, and post it for Monty to comment. One thing I
know about Monty is that he provides a lot more feedback when he sees code.

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