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From:Michael Widenius Date:October 29 2003 4:56pm
Subject:AIEEE! Re: bk commit into 4.0 tree (monty:1.1596)
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul DuBois <paul@stripped> writes:

Paul> Does this mean that all the documentation that currently indicates
Paul> that the default service name for the server is "MySql" becomes
Paul> incorrect with the change described below?

When thinking about this, yes. :(

The reason for this change come from the fact that I wanted to add the
service name as one of the tags that MySQL would read from the
mysql.cnf files.   This would allow you to use one my.cnf file for a
windows computer where you are running many mysqld servers.

Using 'MySQL' would not work good as we already have a client named
'mysql' and thus we can't let the server read the [MySQL] section.

Miguel pointed this out for me and suggested that I should change the
default service name to MySQL because of this. I thought it was a good
idea but didn't think about the implications.

Paul> Or does the change to the default service of "mysqld" apply only
Paul> to the case that you say mysqld --install mysql --defaults-file=xxx ?

It applies to the case where you install mysqld as follows:

mysqld --install

but of course not if you do

mysqld --install MySQL-service-name

I agree that it's probably best to change back the service name to
MySQL and add a test that if the service name is MySQL then we should
not read the config section [mysql].

I agree that it would be confusing to old users that they would have
to, for new installations have to do 'net start mysqld' instead of
'net start MySQL'


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