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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 25 2001 7:40am
Subject:RE: Compiling MySQL 3.23.39 on HP-UX 11.00.
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>>>>> "Varvarigos" == Varvarigos Harry
> <Harry.Varvarigos@stripped> writes:

Varvarigos> Hi,
Varvarigos> My eye caught your conversation re: HP-UX and mysql.  I hope eithere of
> you
Varvarigos> can shed some light on the following.  I have compiled mysql on HP-UX
> 10.20
Varvarigos> and the daemon is running, however I cannot bind with a handle to the
> databe
Varvarigos> using:

Varvarigos> --------------------------------------------
Varvarigos> DBD::mysql initialisation failed: Can't locate object method "driver" via
Varvarigos> package "DBD::mysql" at /opt/perl5/lib/site_perl/5.6.0/PA-RISC1.1/
Varvarigos> line 526.

Varvarigos> Perhaps the capitalisation of DBD 'mysql' isn't right. at
Varvarigos> line 9
Varvarigos> --------------------------------------------

No, this shouldn't be the case.

Are you sure you have installed the msql-mysql-modules correctly on
the machine?

Did you run 'make test' before making 'make install' ?

Varvarigos> I have checked the libraries and I believe they're all OK, that is
Varvarigos> is located where it should be etc.,

Try first making 'make test' work.  After that you can try to get to work.

I have myself installed DBI:mysql on HP 10.20 and I didn't experience
any problems.

RE: Compiling MySQL 3.23.39 on HP-UX 11.00.Michael Widenius25 Jun