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Threads for Feb 2002

MyCC on WinXP box wont connect to MySQL on Linux boxmessagesAdam Hooper, Harris20 Feb
Feature request: Command-line tool integrationmessagesAdam Hooper, Richard Morton14 Feb
Another missing word in syntax file: TRUNCATEmessageAdam Hooper14 Feb
Teeny bug in syntax file: no "MODIFY" syntax.messagesAdam Hooper, Jorge del Conde, Richard Morton12 Feb
Feature request: nicer printing (in win32)messageAdam Hooper8 Feb
"New Table" always disabledmessagesAdam Hooper, TH Leung8 Feb
Feature request: Default to "open as -> text"messageAdam Hooper8 Feb
mycc improvement request....messageUlrich Fiege6 Feb
Typo: "successfull" instead of "successful"messagesAdam Hooper, Jorge del Conde6 Feb
Crash resizing columns when timer refreshes process listmessagesAdam Hooper, Jorge del Conde6 Feb
Feature request: More descriptive errors when failing server connectmessagesAdam Hooper, Jorge del Conde6 Feb
Bug report: Server status refresh doesn't clear previous rowmessagesAdam Hooper, Jorge del Conde6 Feb
Editing tables in MyCCmessagesAdam Hooper, Arnt Harald Johansen5 Feb
error during compilation on solaris 8messagesJorge del Conde, Manuel Oetiker5 Feb
Bug report: Query menu has two "R" commands - no keyboard shortcutto "Run"messagesAdam Hooper, Jorge del Conde5 Feb
Feature request: table type conversionmessagesAdam Hooper, Jorge del Conde5 Feb
Win2k MyCC window too big when using two monitorsmessagesAdam Hooper, Jorge del Conde5 Feb
Bug report: Auto-sorting sorts INTs as CHARsmessagesAdam Hooper, Jorge del Conde5 Feb