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From:Mike Wexler Date:January 30 2002 7:57pm
Subject:Re: feature request
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Note, that it might help to have a little background as to why I want the 
particular features I asked for.

Specifically, I run a server that normally has been 100-250 threads active at 
any particular time. When the database starts getting slow, I need a way of 
quickly determining what processes are loading up the server. Currently my 
technique is to do something like

echo 'show full processlist' | mysql -u xyz -ptuv | grep -v Locked | grep -v Sleep

and start from there and start narrowing things out.

A related feature that would be invaluable, would be for Locked processes to 
indicate which thread was holding the lock. That way if some query is locking 
out a bunch of others, it should be easy to find.

Jorge del Conde wrote:

> Hi,
> Thank you for your suggestions.  I will put the below in the TODO list.
> Regards,
> Jorge
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>>Subject: feature request
>>I'd like to see the ability to filter out/in various types of 
>>threads from the 
>>process list. For example, I'd like to look at only threads 
>>with  a Command of 
>>"Query" or only ones that aren't locked or asleep.
>>Also, the info section doesn't work well with multi-line SQL queries.
>>Also it would be very nice if this screen showed some totals. 
>>Total threads, 
>>total running threads, total locked threads.
>>It would be nice if you could double click on info and have a 
>>window pop-up with 
>>the entire query.
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