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From:Jørn Tage Tyskerud Date:March 19 2002 2:39pm
Subject:Can't create new tables in MyCC
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I've installed the MyCC v. 0.8.2 alpha on my Win2K computer and the gui
works fine. However, there are certain features I can't put to work,
e.g.create 'New Table' (popup on right-button) and help on 'Contents' (part 
of the Help menu).=20

Also, I've tried to access the manual/documentation without luck. It
looks like I've not been able to install the MyCC manual/documentation.  Is
the documentation part of the 0.8.2-alpha Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP dist? 
What am i missing?0

Thanks for any hints or pointers in the correct direction.

Jørn Tage Tyskerud
Can't create new tables in MyCCJørn Tage Tyskerud19 Mar