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From:Adam Hooper Date:March 15 2002 3:56pm
Subject:Opening tables larger than your computer can handle...
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When I opened my firewall log table today (320000+ rows. 50 937 856
bytes, InnoDB) I ran into a problem.

MyCC (in Windows) ate up all of my memory and virtual memory (taking up
about 700 MB all to itself) and then crashes ("The instruction at
"0x39ea6119c" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be
"written".) because it's out of memory.

I suppose 50 MB of data eating up 700 MB is reasonable, but there should
be limits in MyCC. Perhaps an option to limit memory to a certain size,
like the GIMP/Photoshop? Or as more of a hack, maybe set a default
LIMIT, at least to when you double-click on a table to open it (though
that wouldn't work well on tables with large columns). 

Maybe there's an even better solution, too....

Adam Hooper

Opening tables larger than your computer can handle...Adam Hooper15 Mar