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From:Adam Hooper Date:March 7 2002 1:36am
Subject:./configure Checking for mysql_connect instead of mysql_real_connect
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I don't know why, but mysql_connect() isn't in my libmysqlclient.a.
Probably one of the configure options I set when I compiled MySQL, but
I've long since forgotten. Anyway, ./configure won't work for me unless
I edit aclocal.m4 and acinclude.m4 and replace mysql_connect with
mysql_real_connect and it works fine. Which is good -- that's what the
actual code uses anyway :).

Maybe this should be default, since mysql_connect() isn't even needed by
MyCC while mysql_real_connect() is?

Thanks! :)

Adam Hooper
Densigraphix Kopi Inc.

./configure Checking for mysql_connect instead of mysql_real_connectAdam Hooper7 Mar