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From:Jorge del Conde Date:January 16 2003 1:54am
Subject:Re: MySQLCC connection bug
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Does your mysql server support the "SHOW DATABASES" command ?  There was a bug which
crashed mysqlcc when mysqld was started with --skip-show-database or when one didn't have
privileges to execute "SHOW DATABASES" (in mysql 4.X)  ?

If the above is true, then this bug has already been fixed for 0.8.8 !

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  From: Tom Sweeney 
  To: mysqlcc@stripped 
  Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 9:38 AM
  Subject: MySQLCC connection bug

  Dear MySQL Control Center team,

  When I try to connect to the MySQL server my ISP provides for my web sites, MySQLCC
crashes with an application error in mysqlcc.exe.  The error message reads:

  The instruction at "0x10006bc6" referenced memory at "0x00000014".  The memory could not
be "read".

  I got a similar error in the "MySQL Front" GUI tool until I specified the specific
database to log into in the connection properties.  Not MySQL Front works great, but
Control Center still crashes.  I am sure that my ISP has created my MySQL account without
the rights to access all the databases, and Control Center tries to execute some command
that my account is not allowed to perform.

  Could you:
  1. Add a database field to the connection properties.
  2. Add some exception handling to give a more graceful termination of the connection
attempt and a more informative error message.

  Thank you for your time and this great product.


  Thomas Sweeney
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