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From:Adam Hooper Date:March 7 2002 12:06am
Subject:"or a Unix Socket" when making new connection
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Yay! First bug I've found in MyCC 0.8.2-alpha! (the changes are REALLY
appreciated, btw) :)

To duplicate:
1. Open MyCC, click on "Action" and then "Register Server"
2. Type in a username and password, and click on "Add"

The error message "or a unix socket" shows up in the "Messages" tab. If
you try again, since "localhost" has since been entered in the "Host
Name" field it connects properly or gives a proper error message.

Pretty simple, really, check out CConnectionDialog.cpp, line 411 - since
the hostname "localhost" is entered by default now, the "else" isn't
necessary. Also, the "or a Unix Socket" error message doesn't make sense
any more :)

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the awesome updates :)

Adam Hooper
Densigraphix Kopi Inc.

"or a Unix Socket" when making new connectionAdam Hooper7 Mar