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From:Richard Morton Date:February 16 2002 12:03am
Subject:RE: Feature request: Command-line tool integration
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That would be a good feature. And pretty much a nessecity when doing this
stuff. GUI's are limited and this allows you to do everything, even if it
isn't totally GUI'd.

I have see some pretty comprehensive wizards (not that I personally like
wizards) for creating SQL statements.

Borland Interbase has a fairly similar device to create, prepare and process
statements. And you can display results of the queries in a similar fashion
to what you are describing in Interbase 5. Shame the rest of the db isnot
that good :-)


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From: Adam Hooper [mailto:adamh@stripped]
Sent: 14 February 2002 16:49
To: mycc@stripped
Subject: Feature request: Command-line tool integration

I don't know how many people would benefit from this [rather complex]
feature, but I know *I* would:

I think it'd be really cool to get two windows open in a few clicks --
one a "results" window (a grid like what you get when you double-click
on a table in the MyCC table list), and the other a clone of the MySQL
command-line tool. You'd type any queries into the command-line tool
(syntax highlighting would be cool but by no means necessary...) and
when you'd end your query with a semicolon and hit Enter the results
would appear in the results window.

This would be awesome for doing stuff like ALTER TABLE <table>; DESCRIBE
<table>; INSERT INTO <table>; SELECT * FROM <table>; etc and getting
results really quickly and in an easy-to-read view (I'm sure I'm not the
only one who gets confused when the command-line tool word-wraps). It'd
be great for lower-level freaks like me :)

As a more realistic feature request, simply having the command-line tool
a click away and integrated would be a great feature.


Adam Hooper

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