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From:Adam Hooper Date:December 8 2002 12:06am
Subject:Re: Major mysqlcc bug, rendering it almost unusable.
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I personally cannot replicate this bug on Linux with the latest bk pull 
(afaik no changes since 0.8.7). You must have somehow highlighted all 
rows. Could you give more detailed instructions on how to replicate 
this? (Including possibly a dump of the exact table data, etc).

As for editing data, just double-click on the cell you want to edit and 
edit the text. Couldn't be simpler.

Adam Hooper

shannara@stripped wrote:
> This is actually an erritating bug, due to everytime this happens, I 
> have to redo the whole table all over again....
> If you highlight a row of data in a table, and press delete (or even 
> right-click, and pick Delete selected rows), it will delete every single 
> row of data in that database, both highlighted and non-highlighted.. it 
> effectively deletes ALL data in the table.... That makes this program 
> unusable for deleting data in a table.
> Also, there is no way to edit data in a table.. are you planning on 
> adding support for this some time in the future? It's not in the ToDo 
> list...
> I am using 0.8.7
> -S-

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