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From:Adam Hooper Date:February 14 2002 1:47pm
Subject:RE: Teeny bug in syntax file: no "MODIFY" syntax.
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The following is my opinion on MyCC:

I love MyCC. I use it for our website development, user management, and
server monitoring. If you've ever used MS SQL Server's tools, you
already know how to use MyCC. It's simple and efficient.

However, it's alpha software. For alpha software it's incredibly stable,
but it's missing key features. The main feature would have to be table
creation/modification -- if you want to add or modify a table you'll
have to open up the query window and type in the CREATE TABLE/ALTER
TABLE syntax. This is something I don't mind (I use the command-line
tool most of the time anyway) but many people probably do. It doesn't
have fancy datarelationship charts either.

For a list of stuff to come, go to (the TODO list). A lot of
these are probably the features you're looking for -- so it may not be
the best tool *right now*.

You might want to check out (MySQL Navigator)
-- it's a more full-featured MySQL gui for now.

Both are licensed by the GPL.

Hope this helps!

Adam Hooper

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> From: Richard Morton [mailto:richard.e.morton@stripped] 
> Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2002 8:17 AM
> To: Adam Hooper; mycc@stripped
> Subject: RE: Teeny bug in syntax file: no "MODIFY" syntax.
> Hi,
> I am developing a product at the moment, and we are doing 
> various integrations to DB's including MySQL. However I am 
> looking at using a GUI. I don't want to go installing loads 
> of different gui's, just pick two or three from recommendation.
> What is your opinion of MyCC???
> IS it as good as other GUI's available.
> Is it stable ?
> Is it fully featured??? !!! ???
> Does it support datarelationship charts?
> Thanks for your time
> Rich

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