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From:Jorge del Conde Date:November 7 2002 3:29pm
Subject:Re: MySQLCC crashing with MySQL 4.0.4
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Do you mean the "Administration Panel" when you say "system information
display" ? ... if that's the case, this has just been fixed in the current
source tree.

If you mean something different than the Admin panel, can you please provide
me with a detailed walkthough on how to reproduce the problem ?

Regardless of the above, does your mysql installation have innodb ? ... is
it enabled ?

You can check this by executing the following query:

"SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES" and check for the line that says "have innodb"

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From: "Ray Elenteny" <rayele@stripped>
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Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 8:38 AM
Subject: MySQLCC crashing with MySQL 4.0.4

> I've just recently started exploring MySQLCC and have been very pleased
> with what I've seen to this point.  I downloaded 0.8.5 as my first use
> and have just downloaded and installed 0.8.6.  At this time I am using
> it on Windows.
> I have found what seems to be a problem when going into the system
> information display.  Every time I go into it, the MySQL server
> crashes.  The window comes up, but the display at the bottom states that
> the connection was lost (of course).  If I bring up the server, I can
> perform the actions available such as getting the system status or
> variables.
> This is with MySQL 4.0.4.
> Thanks in advance for any insight into this problem...
> Ray Elenteny
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