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From:Jorge del Conde Date:November 5 2002 5:25pm
Subject:MySQL Control Center 0.8.6 has been released.
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MySQL Control Center 0.8.6 has just been released.

MySQL Control Center will now be known as "MySQL Control Center" and *not*
"MyCC".  It's short name will now be "MySQLCC".

0.8.6 is pretty stable and is a recommended update for all users !

Some of the changes for this release are:

*Renamed the executable name from "mycc" to "mysqlcc" .. the same goes for
the main config directory and config file.
*Added inline inserting capabilities to the Results Panel.
*Added inline deleting capabilities to the Results Panel.
*Inline-Editing now supports updating BLOB / TEXT & Binary fields when the
table doesn't have any keys or when the BLOB, TEXT or Binary field is
defined as a key
*One can now copy selections instead of cell-values in the Results Panel.
*Enhanced the way copy works in the Query Window
*Fixed a bug in the Create & Alter Table window which didn't support NULL
defaults and also didn't parse "DEFAULT NULL" correctly;  One can now
specify a NULL default by pressing CTRL + 0 (same as for inline editing).
*Added several visual enhancements to the Query Window
*Alter / Create Table doesn't reset the field length when changing the field
type anymore unless the types are in different sets.
*Double-Clicking in a read-Only-Column (Results Panel) now opens up the
default editor .. that is ImageViewer for BLOB fields and the Text Editor
for TEXT fields.
*Disabled HTML rendering in the text editor.

For more information read the "Changelog.txt" file included in the

You can download MySQL Control Center from the following url:

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MySQL Control Center 0.8.6 has been released.Jorge del Conde5 Nov