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From:Remi Collet Date:March 23 2011 5:55pm
Subject:MySQL Workbench and fedora repository.
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Fedora official repositories now have version 5.2.33b

As I received a lot of abrt[1] bug for previous version (5.2.30)
I update to new version 5.2.33b, which (I hope) should fixes lot of them.

This version use the bundled cppconn, as the version used is still
"forked" from upstream one (I hope the merge will come soon).

Changes in packaging : now, this version
- use system tinyxml 2.6.1
- use system mysql-connector-python 0.3.2 (new package)

mysql-utilities is provided as a sub-package of mysql-workbench, and I
plan to package each separatly when upstream release a version.

Upcoming fedora 15 will provides/uses GCC 4.6.0.
MW build fails because this compiler is really more strict than ever.

I fill a bug[2] with errors and a patch proposal (sorry for this really
long report).

A C++/namespace expert need to check this patch which probably need to
be improved.

Lot of warnings are cast during build (see full build.log, linked in the
bug report). Some could point to potential race condition issue.

It will be great, if some MW developer could, sometime, have a look to
the bug open in the fedora bugzilla[3] (none open for now).

Best regards,

[1] Automatic bug detection and reporting tool
MySQL Workbench and fedora repository.Remi Collet23 Mar