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From:Johannes Taxacher Date:May 12 2010 2:55pm
Subject:MySQL Workbench 5.2.21 RC Available
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Dear MySQL Users,

We're happy to announce the first Release Candidate (RC) of MySQL Workbench. 
Version 5.2.21 includes many improvements and fixes for 62 bugs.

We have introduced a new ease of use feature on the Workbench Home screen - the Plug-in
Starter area – top left hand side. The icons listed in that area are used to get
quick access to the most popular plug-ins that have been written for MySQL Workbench,
either by us or the community. 

If you are planning to write a plug-in for Workbench, now is the right time to get
started! We will be updating the documentation in the next week or 2 with all the details
on how to write your own plug-in.

MySQL Workbench designed in a modular way and is fully scriptable. Whenever you have to
perform repetitive tasks or e.g. need to export your Workbench models tailored for your
coding environment, writing a plugin to perform this task is the way to go. Python is our
preferred scripting language but for simple scripts the Lua language can be used as well.

The first plug-in we added is called MySQL Doc Library. It can be used to read the MySQL
Documentation offline and features many convenient features such as full text search.
Currently, only the MySQL Workbench manual is included, but material and features will be
added over time.

MySQL Workbench 5.2 RC provides:

1. Data Modeling
2. Query (upgrade from MySQL Query Browser)
3. Admin (upgrade from MySQL Administrator)

if you are a current user of MySQL Query Browser or MySQL Administrator, we look forward
to your feedback on all the new capabilities we are delivering in a single unified MySQL

As always, you will find binaries for the various platforms on our download pages.

Please get your copy from our Download

To get started quickly, please take a look at this short tutorial.

MySQL Workbench 5.2 RC Tutorial

Please be aware that this release is still a in-development version – so please
don’t use it on your production servers! Also note, MySQL Workbench files saved with
version 5.2 cannot be opened with previous versions of our program.

The files for several platforms have been pushed to our main server and should be
available on our mirrors.

Blog postings and general information – including build instructions for Linux
– can be found on our Workbench Developer Central site.

Workbench Developer Central

Workbench Documentation and details on changes between releases can be found on these

If you need any additional info or help please get in touch with us.
Post in our forums, leave comments on our blog pages or if you want to talk to us directly
you can visit us on our IRC channel #workbench on

Again, thank you for trying out the Workbench development versions, we look forward to
your feedback and bug reports.

- The MySQL Workbench Team
MySQL Workbench 5.2.21 RC AvailableJohannes Taxacher12 May