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From:Adam Hooper Date:June 28 2002 8:36pm
Subject:BUG: Edit Table inserted column always goes to beginning (or disappears)
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Yay! Been a while since I found one, and here come two in rapid 
succession :)

Okay, I'll get right to the guts. I've tested this keystroke for 
keystroke and click for click:

1. CREATE TABLE test (col1 INT, col2 INT);
2. "Refresh Tables" and go to the "Edit Table" for the 'test' table.
3. Click on "Col2"
4. Click the "Insert Row" icon in the toolbar
5. Type "Col3" and press Enter
6. Click on "Save"

As you can see, "Col3" will be inserted as the first column, disrupting 
your careful ordering.

Bug #2:
Repeat the same procedure, but don't press Enter in step 5. The column 
will disappear.

This is with 0.8.4-alpha on Windows 2000. I see no reason it wouldn't 
happen on Linux too though :).

Adam Hooper

BUG: Edit Table inserted column always goes to beginning (or disappears)Adam Hooper28 Jun