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From:Johannes Taxacher Date:September 23 2008 9:56pm
Subject:MySQL Workbench 5.1.2 Alpha for Linux released
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Dear MySQL users,
Thank you very much for the great reactions and contributions we  
received since we put our first alpha build out last week. We have  
incorporated patches submitted by the community and further improved  
some code (even though we’re currently busy sitting together at our  
Database Group Developer Meeting). So we’ve prepared the next packages  
and put them on our server. We also updated (cleaned up) the build  
instructions as to remove a few dependencies which are no longer  
necessary with the latest code. This should make building the source  
and running the binaries more easy.

MySQL Workbench OSS 5.1.2 Alpha - Linux
Source Tar Ball

Binaries for Ubuntu 8.04

Build instructions for Ubuntu 8.04

For all who encounter problems executing the bin package on their  
Ubuntu, please ensure that you have the libraries liblua5.1-0, ibzip1  
and ibmysqlclient15off installed. To install type:

sudo apt-get install liblua5.1-0 ibzip1 ibmysqlclient15off

additionally you’ll need the libctemplate0 (a .deb package can be  
downloaded from google-ctemplate-download-page)
Install it using a command like this:

sudo dpkg -i libctemplate0_0.91-1_i386.deb

We are currently working on additional packages (.rpm and .deb) which  
should be ready in time for the next release.

Have fun!


Johannes Taxacher, Software QA Engineer, Developer Tools, Database Group
Sun Microsystems, Ges.m.b.H
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