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From:Jorge del Conde Date:June 13 2002 4:01am
Subject:MyCC 0.8.4 released
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MySQL Control Center (MyCC) 0.8.4 alpha has been released. MyCC is the
new GUI
client developed and provided by MySQL AB which is a platform
independent MySQL
administration client based on Trolltech's QT toolkit.
Currently Linux and Windows are supported.

MyCC 0.8.4 is a bugfix release. MyCC 0.8.3 has a couple of critical bugs
affect users who will be using the newly added features: 'New Table' &
'Edit Table'.
If you are currently using MyCC 0.8.3 and are planning to use the above
2 features,
please upgrade to the latest MyCC release.

Inline Editing and CREATE & ALTER Table screens are working. Since these
are new, we suggest you use them with extreme caution in production

Some of the new features included in 0.8.4 are:

* CREATE & ALTER Table screens
* Inline Editing for query results
* Load From File to BLOB/Text fields
* Support for Unicode characters
* Multiple queries can now be executed in the Query Window
* Several enhancements
* Several bug-fixes

For more information, check the MyCC webpage at:


For technical support contracts, visit
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MyCC 0.8.4 releasedJorge del Conde13 Jun