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From:Jorge del Conde Date:June 10 2002 8:45pm
Subject:RE: Comments about current Edit Table feature
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> 1. I've made it break, but haven't had time to find out how. 
> I'll make 
> it print out the query it's running so I can see where it's breaking 
> tonight.

Yes, please let me know how you managed that !! ... I haven't been able
to break it yet!

> 2. The table type is defaulting to MyISAM, even if the table 
> is already 
> InnoDB (or anything else, I suppose). This means that 
> whenever you open 
> a table and edit it, it'll always save as MyISAM (unless you set it 
> explicitly every time)

This is really bad ... I just started releasing 0.8.3 and the above is a
critical bug!!  This calls for a 0.8.4 release later this week :(

> 3. I don't know if anything can be done about this or if it's 
> an option 
> I'm not aware of, but I have to click twice to get the 
> listboxes for the 
> column types (varchar, int, etc) to drop down - once to get focus and 
> once to drop. Expected behavior would be that the thing drops 
> down right away.

This is not an easy fix.  I could probably code around it, but it would
be much better if Trolltech fixed this.

> 4. There's lots of redundancy in the same listbox - i.e., "bit" is 
> equivalent to "bool", no?

That's correct ... and bit & bool == tinybit :)

> All in all, though, it's a lovely layout and makes MyCC a much better 
> program :).

And its also much better because you tend to report bugs in the current
bk tree which means they are fixed before the release ... thanks! :-)

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