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From:Jorge del Conde Date:June 8 2002 7:53pm
Subject:RE: First question
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The current version of MyCC doesn't executing several queries at one
time.  What you can do in the mean time is use the command client by
doing the following:
prompt> mysql [database] < [sql_file.txt]  where sql_file.txt is a file
which contains all of your queries.
You can also wait until the next MyCC release (0.8.3) that supports
multi-query executing which will be released this coming week.
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From: César L. Aracena [mailto:caracena@stripped] 
Sent: Saturday, June 08, 2002 2:27 PM
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Subject: First question

Hi all,
I have this strange problem ehtn using MyCC to connect to my remote
MySQL DB. When I try to send an SQL query that makes more than one thing
(i.e. INSERT two rows into one table) it throws me an error. I have way
to large tables to upload row by row…
Does anyone knows hoe to solve this? Thanks in advance,
 <mailto:caracena@stripped> César Aracena
Neuquén, NQN
(0299) 156-356688
(0299) 446-6621

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