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From:Jorge del Conde Date:December 29 2003 9:06pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Control Center 0.9.4 beta - Connection Failure
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This is a bug in the client library used in MySQLCC; in other words, this
problem is not in MySQLCC but in libmysql.dll.  This will be fixed in the
following release.  The reason why this bug was introduced in 0.9.4 is
because compatibility with 4.1 was added in the latest release.

In the mean time, please limit to TCP usage under Win32 platforms.


Jorge del Conde

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From: "Fred Chateau" <fchateau@stripped>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2003 1:20 AM
Subject: MySQL Control Center 0.9.4 beta - Connection Failure

Although one problem reported in the accompanying change log as having been
corrected in MySQLCC 0.9.4 beta no longer exists, the fix has apparently
created another problem, or at least it has in the Windows binary.

- "Fixed a bug that crashed MySQLCC when the connection to the MySQL Server

MySQLCC no longer crashes when attempting to connect (using TCP) to an
instance of MySQL server that doesn't exist, however it now crashes anytime
a connection is attempted using named pipes, whether or not the server is
actually available.

I am attempting to connect to MYSQL Server 4.0.17 using the dot operator as
host name, which has worked successfully in previous betas, and still works
with various other client applications. Connections using localhost or any
machine host name listed in our DNS appear to work correctly.

On a different subject, MDI windows are not tiling or cascading properly
when running the application on Windows XP Professional at 1280x1024 screen
resolution. (There were also some problems with tiles and cascades in
previous versions.) In this version I must either set the console window to
maximum, or initially tile the console window or set it manually to the
desired size before proceeding.


Fred Chateau

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