The Syntax checking in 0.8.1 seems to be broken (I'm assuming it's because I now get the message that MyCC can't load the syntax.txt file). I've enclosed a couple of screenshots, one from MyCC 0.0.8 and one from 0.8.1, which show the error message and the lack of syntax checking.

I've also looked at the two Sytax.txt files from the two difference installations in Notepad and the 0.0.8 doesn't look like a true text file where the 0.8.1 one does. I've tried copying the 0.0.8 version over to the 0.8.1 install but still no go.

By the way, I did do a clean uninstall and reinstall first when I ran into this but then started running two separate installations to troubleshoot.

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Don Deacon