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From:Philip Stoev Date:October 20 2008 9:53pm
Subject:Re: Binary logging not possible
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You have --log-bin=C:/MySQL/team/sql/data/bin_log  which means binary 
logging is enabled The default binary log format has been changed from MIXED 
to STATEMENT (I do not know if this is on purpose or not).

To work around this, please use


And yes, please either file the bug or contact the replication team -- maybe 
the change in the default value was not intentional, I did not see it 
dicussed anywhere.

Philip Stoev

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From: "Ann W. Harrison" <ann@stripped>
To: <falcon@stripped>
Sent: Monday, October 20, 2008 11:52 PM
Subject: Binary logging not possible

> Well, I finally got a clean new copy of Falcon Team and still
> see the problem that all insert/update/delete statement fail
> with the error:
>   ERROR 1598 (HY000): Binary logging not possible.
>   Message: Statement-based format  required for this statement,
>   but not allowed by this combination of engines
> This appears to happen only on windows, and continues to happen
> after the patch described in bug 39934 is applied.
> My startup parameters are:
> --no-defaults --console --basedir=C:/MySQL/team/sql/data
> --character-sets-dir=C:/MySQL/team/sql/share/charsets 
>  --secure-file-priv=C:/MySQL/team/mysql-test/var --log-bin-trust-function-creators 
>  --default-character-set=latin1 --language=C:/MySQL/team/sql/share/english 
>  --tmpdir=C:/MySQL/team/mysql-test/var/tmp
> --pid-file=C:/MySQL/team/mysql-test/var/run/ 
>  --port=3306 --socket=C:/MySQL/team/mysql-test/var/tmp/master.sock
> --datadir=C:/MySQL/team/mysql-test/var/master-data 
>  --log-output=table,file --general_log=C:/MySQL/team/mysql-test/var/log/master.log 
>  --slow_query_log=C:/MySQL/team/mysql-test/var/log/master-slow.log --server-id=1 
>  --loose-innodb_data_file_path=ibdata1:10M:autoextend --local-infile
> --key_buffer_size=1M 
>  --sort_buffer=256K --max_heap_table_size=1M
> --ssl-ca=C:/MySQL/team/mysql-test/std_data/cacert.pem 
>  --ssl-cert=C:/MySQL/team/mysql-test/std_data/server-cert.pem
> --ssl-key=C:/MySQL/team/mysql-test/std_data/server-key.pem 
>  --core-file --open-files-limit=1024 --log-bin=C:/MySQL/team/sql/data/bin_log 
>  --falcon_debug_mask=8191
> to use them locally you'll have to substitute your system root for
>  /MySQL/team throughout and fix the extra new lines introduced by
> mail programs.
> I guess I should file a server bug.
> Best regards,
> Ann
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